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Green Deliveries

Once your order is validated, we assign you with a delivery agent who will complete the delivery within the assigned time.
You may schedule the delivery in advance or the same day (different time, week, or month).

In order to ensure quality ecological services, we offer you a fleet of vans at Bio GNV.

Vehicles with drivers

The assignment of a delivery agent may be useful to replace your own personnel in the case of holidays, work reductions, etc.
The assignment of an agent allows you to benefit from rolling professional personnel who are always available at pre-determined rates without incurring additional costs such as those related to absenteeism, vehicle-management, etc.
2 and 4-wheel delivery agents can be assigned for varying periods from half-days up to a full year.
This formula enables you to control your budgets because you will be told, in advance, the associated fixed costs.


A shuttle is a scheduled, recurring mission (pickup of mail from mailboxes, distribution of mail between sites, etc.)


A round is a precisely-scheduled trip of an agent who will delivery all your letters and/or packages at specific times. He will organise his route in order to optimise delivery times.
In the case of mass mailings, your shipments may be brought to our facilities in order to sort, organise, and assign multiple agents to ensure proper delivery.

Ideal for delivery of your brochures, customer gifts, products, etc., we will organise multiple deliveries using specific methods to ensure security and proof of delivery.

Delivery within France & Europe

For your extremely-urgent or confidential national and international shipments.
Ecolocourse Paris offers Services that delivery your merchandise by land, air, and rail.
From the time you call us, an agent will take charge of your order, from placement to final delivery, and ensure it receives the level of attention you require.

Administrative Formalities

Our administrative department takes care of your export-related formalities including visas, document legalities, and duties for yourself or third parties.
Upon receipt of your file, our consultants will save you precious time
by informing you, before submission to the concerned administration, of any and all missing information.
Our delivery service will take care of the required submissions in a timely manner!


Do you have empty pallets piling up?
Do you have to get rid of excessive documentation after your product show?
Do you have to get rid of old IT equipment?
Do you have old archives to be destroyed?
No worries! We will collect your documentation and equipment and get rid of them!
We have connections with various recyclers on Ile-de-France and can provide you with a recycling certificate for regulated equipment and materials (computers, batteries, etc.)