Ecolocourse Paris – General Conditions of Sale

Article 1-Purpose:

The purpose of the present agreement is to govern Ecolocourse Paris’s delivery of letters and packages throughout Metropolitan France, and Europe in accordance with the Customer’s instructions.

The transfer of funds and liquidities is excluded, in addition to the transport of living animals and dangerous products whose transport is governed by special regulations.

In all cases, Ecolocourse Paris reserves the right to independently organise trips and to implement any and all necessary means to complete its services.

Article 2-Duration

The present agreement has been ratified for the duration of the delivery. The delivery shall be deemed to have been completed as soon as Ecolocourse Paris has delivered the Customer’s merchandise to its recipient’s door.

Article 3-Invoicing

  • Operations:

In the case of extra wait-times and/or handling difficulties, the Customer agrees to purchase 1 additional trip unit per 10 minute-delay.

Additional charges may apply in the case of erroneous and/or difficult addresses (administration difficulties, floors without elevators, Vigipirate protocols, etc.) and/or if the recipient has moved and/or any other difficulties.

  • Administration:

Upon placement, the order is paid based on the corresponding services proposed by Ecolocourse Paris.

An invoice will be immediately available for download and will be sent directly to the email box provided by the customer.

In case of any surcharges, listed in the paragraph above, an additional invoice will be sent exclusively by email at the end of the service and the customer’s credit card will be charged the corresponding amount.

In all cases, before each invoice is issued, Ecolocourse Paris will inform the Customer of any and all difficulties encountered, in addition to their potential price impacts.

Article 4-Delivery Norms

Motorcycle deliveries shall not exceed 40*40*30 in volume and 5 kg in mass.
Auto deliveries shall not exceed 1 EUR pallet in volume and 600 kg in mass.
Van deliveries shall not exceed 3 EUR pallets in volume and 1.500 kg in mass.
Large Volume deliveries shall not exceed 8 EUR pallets in volume and 1.200 kg in mass.             

Article 5-Liabilities

Ecolocourse Paris agrees to deliver its Customers’ letters and packages to their specified destinations.

Ecolocourse Paris agrees to make every effort to complete its deliveries per the agreed schedules.

Article 6-Limited Liability

The order-giver must do whatever is necessary to provide sufficient packaging such that the delivery can be completed under the best possible safety conditions.

Ecolocourse Paris can only delivery packages and documents owned by the Customer who is responsible for acting on his own behalf, as well as that of others whom he is duly-authorised to represent.

Ecolocourse Paris’s liability is limited to €33 per kilogram. without exceeding €1,000 per package unless there is a prior declaration of value submitted by the Customer in which case, thelatter must provide adequate insurance coverage for it.

Article 7-Claims

All delivery-related claims (thefts, losses, accidents, etc.) must be the subject of formal claims submitted via registered mail within the first 3 days following receipt of the packages and/or letters.

Article 8-Confidentiality

Each party agrees to respect the secrecy of the other party’s confidential information of which they may take knowledge for the purpose of executing their obligations under the present agreement.

The Customer’s business, technical, financial, electronic and structural information shall especially be considered confidential.

The Provider also expressly agrees to preserve the confidentiality and secrecy all information sent to him by the Customer as well as all documents and other information of which he takes knowledge while executing his obligations under the present agreement. He shall only use such for the purpose of the Contract and shall not reveal such information to any third party.

This obligation is binding on both Parties with regards to all third parties, whether physical persons or legal entities, whether they be external companies or those in his own group.

The Provider shall ensure that his own personnel respect these obligations, including all sub-agents and sub-contractors hired to complete the aforementioned services, and agrees to do whatever is necessary to ensure that such persons respect these obligations.

The present confidentiality obligations are applicable throughout the duration of the Contract and for a period of three years and a half after its expiration of cancellation.

The Parties agree to treat all personal data that they may acquire under the present agreement in accordance with the regulations applicable to the processing of such data and the protection of privacy, especially the provisions of the Computers and Liberties Law (Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978, modified) and the General Regulation Governing the Protection of Data (Regulation No. 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016).

The obligations associated with personal data shall be considered to be essential contractual obligations whose disrespect may automatically grant the Customer the right to cancel the contract without any forewarning or formal notification.

Article 9-Jurisdiction

All litigation related to the present agreement shall be resolved by the business court presiding in the district of Ecolocourse Paris’s head-office.